Rieks Towing has set the benchmark in the Towing and Recovery Industry regarding response time, quality and innovation and therefore secured reliable customer support which enable Rieks Towing to become one of the leading Towing and Recovery specialists in Southern Africa. We find solace in restoring any deviation from effective mobility to a status quo position as soon, efficient and timeous as possible. We also strive to provide an excellent service to our clients whereby we solve transport related complications with a greater than expected level of service. With a quality workforce, dedicated employees and trained operators, Rieks towing has been able to push the benchmark in the industry and create a national footprint crossing borders. The History and Career Highlights Of The Rieks Towing Company started on 4 September 1984. .
  • 1984Starting off . . .

    On 4 September 1984 Rieks Towing was established by Managing Director, Louwrens J Riekert Sr, as an one man operation.Rieks Towing started operating with an International Trans Star 25 ton Recovery Unit, Scania 16 Ton Recovery Unit, Isuzu Car Carrier and a Chevrolet Pick Up.
  • 1987First Paper advert

    Rieks Towing made use of well placed news paper advertisements in our earlier years in the Towing and Recovery Industry. You can still contact use on the very same number.
  • 1988North Cape, Kalahari

    Taking a look back in time it is clear to see the Trademark colour Red has stood the test of time.
  • 1990Doing a Recovery with the renowned HOLMES 1701.

    This Recovery took place near Wonderboom Airport, Pretoria North, South Africa. The Fire Truck overturned on its way to a scene.
  • 1994Africa's First Rotator

    Ten years after the company opened the first rotator landed in Cape Town’s harbour, a recovery unit that works like a crane was introduced to the fleet. That very day it was realised that Rieks Towing was no longer a small business. The rotator concept has since become the world wide industry standard for efficient incident management. The initiative has indeed set a new benchmark in the recovery industry.
  • 1997Rieks Towing Turning heads as always.

    Rieks Towing’s Gauteng fleet driving down the N1 as part of a marketing campaign to endorse the company brand.
  • 2000The Turn of the Century

    From this point on Rieks Towing started working on creating a brand with core values which includes Reputable, Integrity, Established, Knowledgeable and Successful. Expanding to where the need arises, adapting to changes and creating a unparalleled reputation.
  • 2006NEED A TOW... CALL THE PRO!!!

    Rieks Towing decided it was time to upgrade. Importing a massive Rotator, enormous to anything South Africa has seen. This was one of the first 1075 Centuries not only in South Africa but, it was still fairly new to the American market as well. Mounted on a Western Star, this Recovery Unit had a rating by manufacturer’s standards of 75 Tons. The power of the century 1075 combined with its versatility outmatches and outperforms every and all competitors.
  • 2009The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame & Museum The 25th Year

    With motivated staff, Rieks Towing pushed through 2009 to its 25th birthday doing countless memorable recoveries and coordinating accident scenes with success and celebrating not only a milestone achievement but also taking pride in the fact that their leader, innovator, peacemaker and pathfinder has been honorued in the International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum. The International Towing and Recovery Hall of Fame and Museum set a standard criterion which keeps the Inductees to a minimum allowing the achievement to respect throughout the International Towing and Recovery community.
  • 2010Donnie Cruise Memorial Award

    Staying true to the principals upon which the company was forged, focusing on providing the best quality service and undisputedly efficient Rieks Towing managed to maintain composure in an industry where competitors need to adapt to stay healthy. This ongoing process was recognised in 2010 when Rieks Towing received the Donnie Cruise Memorial Award- “The Highest honour bestowed upon tow truck operators and their companies for performance and professionalism in light, medium and heavy –duty categories”.
  • 2012Going Bigger

    Rieks Towing performing another specialised recovery.